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Powegear™ Gear Boxes

We are also the exclusive agent for the gear box brand Powegear™ for Malaysia which supply various types of gear boxes for industrial uses. Our manufacturer has thirty years of manufacturing mechanical power drives and transmission equipment with exports to over 20 countries worldwide which include Brazil, Germany, Australia, UK, South Africa, USA, UAE and etc.

Our product range comprises of gearboxes, shaft mounted gearboxes, custom built gear boxes, worm gears, worm gear box, hardened and ground helical and spur gears, sprockets, timing pulleys and other allied machine tool components. Due to the demand of Malaysian heavy industries players, we carry shaft mounted gear units from Size D to Size J in our warehouse with the rest of gear boxes range will only be assembled by our manufacturer upon order. Typically, depending on the size and type of the gear boxes, the shipment will normally take 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered to your doorstep.

When it comes to gear box, the question of reliability is always factor. Need not to worry; reliability is our testament of our commitment in helping you to minimize your down time. Therefore, our selection of our Powegear™ gear box is mainly due to our manufacturer is well known for their reliability and consistency. To further ease your doubt, our suppliers’ manufacturing systems are ISO 9001:2000 certified as a result of its stringent in-house quality processes, which ensure 100% inspection and trace-ability of all components. Another highlight of Powegear™ gear box is with its power rating as Powegear™ gear box are proven to have 8% to 10% higher power rating as compared and is compatible/replaceable with other competing gear box brands in the market. All we need is the gear box brand name, model name, ratio, output and input and we will be recommend the selection of gear box which best suits you.

Please click on the diagrams of the gear boxes for more information on our range of gear boxes :

Shaft Mount Gearboxes
  • Compact in Size
  • Direct mounting on shaft
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Screw Conveyor Units

Helical Gearbox
  • HD tapered roller bearings
  • Imperial bores and keyways
  • CEMA bolt on adaptor flanges
  • Available in various sizes

Slewing Rings
  • Compact design
  • Single/Multi-row designs
  • Light in weight
  • 200 - 1500 mm dia

Planetary Counterflow Mixer
  • Ideal for Homogeneous Mixing
  • Robust Design
  • Efficient Gearing
  • Five-Year Guarantee