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Corporate Profile

Star Belts Sdn Bhd (“Star Belts”) was incorporated in Malaysia on 9 February 1989 and is principally engaged in the trading of conveyor belts, gear box, conveyor rollers and provision of engineering works.

Conveyor belts trading have been our core business since its inception. Over the last 20 years, Star Belts brings our customers a variety of industrial rubber and PVC conveyor belts in many of our customers’ various applications. We have established ourselves as one of the leading conveyor belts supplier and service provider in the local Malaysian market as well as the export market. Our conveyor belts are found in many industries such as:

  • Quarries (Granite, Aggregates, Gypsum and etc);
  • Batching, Premix and Ready-Mixed plants;
  • Cement;
  • Chemical;
  • Fertiliser;
  • Palm Oil;
  • Food & Beverages;
  • Power Plant;
  • Port

and in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Japan, United States and many more which are testimony to our years of experience and involvement in this business.

The conveyor belts which we offer are quality products with an extremely high degree of reliability. This is mainly due to our manufacturing plant’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology which was fortified by our Korean partner’s relentless emphasis on quality control. We are also one of the largest stockists of conveyor belts in Malaysia largely due to our existing interest and support from the joint venture manufacturing plant in Seremban. Our conveyor belts are made with various reinforcements such as nylon (NN), polyester nylon (EP) or steel mesh. These are available in variation of widths and can be custom made to best suit our customers’ requirements. All the industrial conveyors supplied by our company are provided in either a cut-edge or molded-edge construction.

With rubber cover-grades ranges from Grade N, M, Din-X, Din-Y, Din-W and many more, our conveyor belts products ranges from:

  • quarry supreme conveyor belts;
  • chemical resistant conveyor belts;
  • heat/oil resistant conveyor belts;
  • chevron cleated (or V-cleated) conveyor belts;
  • steel mesh conveyor belts;
  • side wall conveyor belts; and
  • other types which is best suited for industrial use. 

Our heavy-duty conveyor belts ensure high efficiency along with lower body-weight, higher adhesion levels, more ply strength, improved troughing, and outstanding impact resistance.

In addition, we are also the exclusive agent for the gear box brand Powergear™ which supply various types of gear boxes for industrial uses. Again, reliability is our testament of our commitment in helping you to minimize your down time. All of our products are sourced from various parts of the world and known for their reliability and consistency due to our suppliers’ stringent in-house quality processes, which ensure 100% inspection and trace-ability of all components. Furthermore, to provide an extra level of comfort in terms of reliability to you, our gear box manufacturers’ production processes are certified by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). We also pride our Powergear™ gear boxes which are redesigned gear boxes with higher power to weight ratio as compared to other competing gear boxes in the market.

We also supply high-quality conveyor rollers which were tested the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM). Currently, there are currently 5 standard types of conveyor rollers which we offer, which are as follows:

  • impact roller;
  • spiral roller;
  • dynamic balances;
  • rubber seal; and
  • maintenance - free operation conveyor rollers.

Again, in order to cater the various needs of our customers, special sizes or measurements can be arranged to be manufactured for non-standard production.

To complete our vision to be the one stop solution for our clients, we also have a team of talented technicians and other skilled professional team who are always on the standby to and ready to undertake the service of vulcanizing, maintenance and repair of rubber/PVC conveyor belts for various industries. With the close presence of our technical support team in Seremban, we are fully committed in ensuring our clients’ downtime is minimized to the shortest possible time.

We commenced functioning in this business with a motto of providing quality goods and services with complete satisfaction to our clients. Based on our years of excellence service to our customers of various industries, we are well-positioned to be your one stop solution for conveyor belts, gear boxes, conveyor rollers and engineering work.