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Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt


Suitable for chemical manufacturers or acid/alkali-forming conveyor lines such as fertilizer industry, paper making industry, cement plants, chemical plants and etc.


  1. Chemicals and corrosion resistant and highly durable physical properties
  2. Good elasticity, small elongation at rated load
  3. High adhesion, good flexibility and trough ability

Range of production

  • Belt width : 300mm ~ 2,000mm (12" ~ 80")
  • Tensile strengh : 200 ~ 1,000kg/cm (1120 ~ 5600 lbs/inch)
  • Carcass : Polyester warp and polyester fill.

Chemical Resistance of Compound

Material Carried NR SBR EPDM CR NBR
Chlorine (Dry Gas) F F E E G
Hydrogen Peroxide (5% 50 ºC) NR NR G NR F
Cholic Acid (5% 50 ºC) NR NR E G G
Boracic Acid E E E E E
Slate G G E F F
Cullet (20% 50 ºC) F G E NR NR
Dolomite (30% 50 ºC) G G E E E
Borax (5% A Firm Name) NR NR G NR F
Gypsum (35% A Firm Name) E E E E E
Limestone (20% A Firm Name) NR NR E NR E
Chrome Chloride (5% 70 ºC) NR NR G NR NR
Ammonia Water F F E F G
Calcium Hydroxide E E E E E
Potassium Hydroxide (5% 50 ºC) G E E G E
Alumina E E E E E
Ashes G E - F NR
Coal G G - G G
Bauxite E - - G E
Charcoal NR NR - NR NR
Coke NR NR - G F
  * E = Excelent
  * G = Good
  * F = Fair
  * NR = Not Recommended